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City Quests Media is dedicated to immersing audiences in the finest storytelling using new media, games, AR, VR and 360 film. Current projects include:

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Title: PURGATORY - TV Series


"PURGATORY” is a SUPERNATURAL ANTHOLOGY PROCEDURAL SERIES set in the past and present day. The veil between the Dead and the Living lifts on Halloween allowing souls to leave Purgatory, and return to today’s world with 36 hours to unravel the cause of their unrest and redeem themselves.  If they fail, they return to Purgatory.


THE SERIES is Neo-Noir and promises to be a lightning rod for Horror fans looking for a new spin on Halloween, with enough real history to resonate with costume drama junkies. PURGATORY offers a Guilded Age time travel in the darkness of Twilight Zone.


36 HOURS Call it Dia de Muertos, Samhain or Halloween - the portals open at dusk on October 30th, closing again on November 1st, at dawn. In this series the 36 hours always runs over a weekend, Friday evening to Sunday morning. Each season is set in a different city and time period, the theme is global and emminently scaleable.



Afterlife and Halloween themes are evergreen, but the Pandemic, the wars raging in Europe and the Mid East and ecological crisis has increased a hunger for entertainment offering  security in the future, hope and a karma-style justice.  As traditional religions continue to be in conflict and mess up their messaging, people are turning once again to Paganism, polytheistic faiths and Magic for escape. 


In the USA alone, nearly 2 million people identify as witches, $21 million has been spent on Tarot-related Kickstarters and fortune telling is worth an estimated $2 billion. Witchtok has 24.1 billion views on Tiktok and nearly 20 million posts on Instagram. In the UK astrology service industry is valued at £27 million per year.


PURGATORY stories are a comfort blanket for anyone yearning for a second chance, lovers of Halloween and all who hope for an Afterlife. Seriously though - who doesn’t?

Series created by James V. Hart and Natasha Seery.


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Sci-fi action-adventure role-playing game (RPG) set in 2047, a time of conflict between the living and undead; the VAMPIRES, a determined band of freedom fighters who are the misunderstood heroes of this world fighting for their un-lives against human faith-based armies, the FORCES OF GOD (FOG), who are out to exterminate them.   vampire bloodlust gaming games videogames

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Title: MISSION 1545 

A historic adventure in the City of London. Point and click rescue mission through a cinematic, sonic and surreal play in the seven gate-towers (Ludgate Priory, Newgate Jail, Aldersgate Theatre,  Cripplegate Hospital, Moorgate Inn, Bishopsgate Bedlam and Aldgate Brewery en route to the Tower of London... Experience the vivid, colourful world of Tudor London as you explore and eavesdrop on the ghosts you wake in there.  ( 2016 AppStore + Steam)



The first iteration of the game "City Run London" in beta was featured  on the AppStore Christmas week 2016. Bugs were found, it was fixed and re-released with patches in March 2017 for Amazon, too. Further levels and gameplay was added ahead of a re-release under title "Mission 1545" to Steam, where you will find it today.

  • Explore over 50 settings of Tudor London.    

  • Hand-drawn animated cutscenes and star quality voice acting.    

  • Smoky medieval electronica and choral soundtrack by multi award-winning composer Martyn Ware.

  • Subtitled in Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Russian and Korean.


Supported by the Corporation of London, Enterprise England, Tate Modern, the Museum of London, the award-winning team behind this progressive and new virtual reality style experience for citizens and tourists will be unmissable family show with it's 3d immersive sound and wraparound panoramic 180 and 360 film designed by Martyn Ware from Human League and Heaven 17, a magic script by  legendary Hollywood Screenwriter Jim Hart (a favourite with Spielberg, Scorcese et al) with David Long Engish author and historian. These shows are like 'having Pink Floyd in your back yard'  cool vintage film mixed virtual and augmented reality AR MR VR time out art music weekend vibe. In the show you'll visit underground and mainstream attractions including  St Paul's  Cathedral, the Tower of London, St Bartholomew The Great church, Blackfriars, Guildhall crypt, Denis Severs House, livery company Worshipful company of Apothecaries, and more.

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