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Mission 1545 is a night-long rescue mission through London’s ancient gate towers, an immersive, story-driven puzzle adventure with a stunning soundtrack and spectacular graphic novel visuals. Players guide Willa, a new heroine to the gaming community, through the game. See website for more .


Our tough and courageous player-character Willa is on the run from the authorities in 16th century London. She has a hard-won reputation for liberating prisoners who are innocent of a charge – and there’s a price on her head.  She has a single mysterious but powerful ally in an order of Dominican Friars, the Order that raised and educated her.  Tonight she runs above a city under curfew to save and rescue Joseph, held for treason and facing execution at dawn.


The game is played through the 8 ancient gates on the City Wall running in and out of themed towers.  With over 45 gaming levels housing increasingly complex mechanisms for hiding and escape, the player gets briefed at the first Priory  then has to get through Newgate Jail, Aldersgate Theatre, Cripplegate Hospital, Moorgate Inn, Bedlam and Aldgate's own Brewery before reaching the Bloody Tower where further ghosts and treasures are to be won or lost in this, the Devil's own maze where the prisoner must be found and rescued from execution.



Gameplay involves avoiding the lines of sight of opposing characters, running from shadow to shadow, hiding from characters they meet along the way made visible by mesmeric fans of colour indicating their lines of sight which mark player danger zones. Being seen results in dismissal to the last checkpoint.  Players must survey each set and time their movements exactly moving only when the coast is clear.  With the authorities searching her down, being harboured would put innocents in immediate danger, so she hides from civilians and guards with equal effort.  There are traps and puzzles to solve, throughout.



Players will navigate a stormy, isometric world of colour and architecture designed to emphasise the contrast between light and shade. 

Mission 1545 is available from Steam with NFT's on OPENSEA City_Quests_Media

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