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360 Dome shows are the new frontier for immersive media intersecting film, art, sound and entertainment - transcending the limitations which still exist for virtual reality and offering a more comfortable and enjoyable experience.

OUR MISSION is to produce high end cultural-narrative content for the 360 Dome market, catering to all ages and lifestyles.  We will be working in partnership with Full Dome Pro, the market leader in the sector.  They have 200 full time staff internationally, 400+ systems worldwide and support offices in Los Angeles, Shanghai, Moscow, Chiang Mai and Kiev.



The Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) market size is over $1.2 billion, registering a 32.1% CAGR from 2019-2025 according to a new study by Grand View Research, Inc. LBE encompasses arcade, theme park, and entertainment services.

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Android Jones’ award-winning 2016 show, Samskara has been wowing music festival audiences the world over and sold over 100,000 tickets at Full Dome Pro’s WisDome Park (Los Angeles) since November 2018, with revenues over $3,700,000.  Arcadia Earth, the first Augmented Reality journey through the planet opened in New York in October 2019 and is expanding to a site twice the size in Los Angeles in 2020.


With the exception of two small indoor domes at the Science Museum and London Aquarium showing short space/deep sea films, the UK is still waiting for a 360 Dome whilst the stratospheric growth of immersive theatre experiences like Secret Cinema and Dot Dot London’s War of the Worlds prove the audience is there and waiting.

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INVESTING Projections 2022-2025

Net Revenue £2.4 - £5 million

Turnover  £5 - £10 million

Visitors x 140,000 - 420,000

Generating New Jobs £2+ million

Please contact for more information.

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