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360 DOME SHOWS (2024-2026)

360 Dome shows are the new frontier for immersive media intersecting film, art, sound and entertainment - transcending the limitations which still exist for virtual reality and offering a more comfortable and enjoyable experience.


Stoney Jack's Secret London 

Stoney works a 9-5 at the London Museum, but on Saturday, June 18, 1912, he unearthed a priceless 500-piece treasure trove of Elizabethan jewellery - the so-called  “Cheapside Hoard”. Move over, Indiana. Britains very own treasure-hunter will take us back in time to meet legends of London in a live-action adventure in 360 film. (20 min).


This award-winning script was written for the Corporation of London’s Culture Mile Arts Festival providing production permissions in the City of London, and unique access to locations for filming.  



Sky Britannia An epic flight over Great Britain’s landmarks, coastlines and areas of profound natural beauty. Abbeys, windfarms, mountains, castles and waterfalls to an uplifting and triumphant musical score. A must-see for tourists and a blast for all ages. (10 mins)

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