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360 Dome shows are the new frontier for immersive media intersecting film, art, sound and entertainment - transcending the limitations which still exist for virtual reality and offering a more comfortable and enjoyable experience.

OUR MISSION is to produce high end cultural-narrative content for the 360 Dome market, catering to all ages and lifestyles.  We will be working in partnership with Full Dome Pro, the market leader in the sector.  


360 DOME SHOWS (2023-2025)

Sky Britannia 10 min trip soaring round the coasts, landscapes and landmarks of England. Lift off the cliffs of Dover over the gardens of Kent to the sea, between the giant sails of wind farms and through ancient towns heading north to Holy Island.  Chasing trains through the Pennines, swooping down Welsh valleys to circle Cornwall, dipping down through Dorset’s Durdle Door and back up to chase wild ponies over Dartmoor on a return journey passing Stonehenge and Downton Abbey to final touchdown in the heart of London.


The Darwin Trilogy based on the Darwin 200 tall ship voyage around the world setting sail July 2023-25 to retrace Charles Darwin’s own journey, which lead to his writing ‘Origin of a Species’ - with commentary from leading conservationists, oceanographers, marine biologists, climatologists and ecologists on our changing world.


1: The Beagle - 10m [Darwin Bio/Intro to Scientists/Setting Sail/Brazil/Argentina] 

2: Lands of Fire -10m [Tierra del Fuego, Chile/Galapagos/Tahiti/Mauritius/Cape Town/Azores/Falmouth]

Stoney Jack's Secret London With it's award-winning script, this short narrative adventure throwing light on epic events and citizens past seen through the eyes of the time-travelling Edwardian antiquarian, Stoney Jack. Based on a true story of discovery and treasure this part fact, part fiction show will be the first narrative live action film for 360 domes, has a cast of 35 and will be made with the support and licenses generously supplied by the Culture Mile Team at the Corporation of London, our partners on this project



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