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19 APRIL 2016


Ever felt like you're an extra in someone elses film? 2008 I was a journalist standing in the candle-lit Worshipful Company of Drapers in the City of London where an elderly man told me I ‘wouldn’t have heard of his company as it was phased out in 1566’. More on him later, but I realised I was living in the Best Game in the World, with it’s Guilds and traditions, ghosts and treasure which was entirely true, and has to be made. City Run London precurses the MMO I’ve been writing up ever since.  (April 19 2016)



27 APRIL 2016


What more do you need than an original idea and potential new (time-traveller costumer-drama possibly girl-skewed) audience to make a game?  Starting with 1. VISION: reconstruct London’s Square Mile 1550 to play in. Wake the ghosts, join secret societies, see alchemy give way to science, grave-robbers at large, plague, glory, treasure, underground tunnels, theatre and more. More material than I can handle so got the Museum of London and historians on side, everyone thinks it's a cool idea. 2. Found sympathetic DEVELOPER.  3. Now to pay for it. I ricocheted between non-profit (hello London, we’re still open to offers) or filling VC coffers going commercial.  Either way with no XP in gaming I was sent away to prove our audience and make $1m off a mini game before anyone would invest. One VC in Silicon Valley told me he had 'turned down Minecraft' which was encouraging. 4. Raised $, went into a creative huddle with Finlay Cowan, David Long and Martyn Ware 10mths later released CITY RUN LONDON.  Getting our filmic game onto the bigger screen is priority now that Steam gave us a green light and we've been sent the devkits to port to XBOX1 and PS4.  


23 MARCH 2017

Update.. Player feedback means everything and we've gone to some lengths gathering it.  As a result, we aren't moving to Game 2 yet, instead will be fixing inconsistencies with the game-play, making it better and re-releasing City Run in a few months.  Stay tuned..


So we just launched Mission 1545 today on Steam.  We reinvested a tax rebate into the game and hired the Knights of Unity - who were amazing - to  update the software to the latest Unity, add lipsync, change the heroine Willa to a younger child, add some ghosts, take away some bugs and switch up the game play.  I hope this game is fun and different.  We are still confused about who our audience is because the stats we get from Facebook seem  random and influenced by the imagery we show.  We shall see..




Natasha Seery

 Copyright City Quests Media Ltd 2015

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