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Imagine a city ringed by a Roman wall, set on more underground passageways than any other on Earth.  Inside it, a grid of ancient halls and temples set beside icicle glass skyscrapers piercing the sky.  This city has it’s own laws and leaders, and is a hub attracting artisans the world over to live and work here.  Once, the capital of the greatest empire ever known.  


Recreating London's Square Mile district as it was in 16th century. A gritty and authentic re-construction of how it looked, sounded and felt like at the time. fill it with citizens, secret societies, traps and events like a living and breathing metropolis.  


Rich 3D graphics would allow for falling rain and the day and night cycle of light change on top of ambient sound effects, essential to making the city a wraparound time travel immersion.  


Fact-fused entertainment and fantasy, it will be costume drama setting to meet your friends to play and build status online.  


City Quests is a revolutionary concept of complex multimedia storytelling not just for a niche of hardcore gamers but designed to compel anyone interested in world history, myths, social networking and competition. 



“My favourite application (for virtual reality) is where you could walk through a city and grab a virtual dial and turn back history so you can see what it would have been like in different historical periods.  If done well it could be incredibly provocative and give you a much more grounded feeling for history.”  


Jaron Lanier

(Inventor of Virtual Reality) 






















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