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Meet Lisl Steiner


EVERYONE'S TALKING ABOUT LISL STEINER. Short film (18:30) reflecting on the extraordinary life and work of Austrian photographer, Lisl Steiner. Born in Vienna (1927) raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina and on to New York in the 1960's raising awareness of the plight of children whilst witnessing and recording epic moments close-up and personal with legends of stage, screen and the political arena. This film is as quirky as Lisl Steiner is eclectic, as friends and neighbours in Pound Ridge, New York recount tales of her notorious driving, community spirit and well-earned place in history.


Film made by Natasha Seery entirely on iPhone, as a gift to both Lisl and the Pound Ridge Historical Society.  Made between Oct 2020 + Jan 2021 in Pound Ridge, NY 10576.  


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Photos courtesy of Lisl Steiner They include images of John F Kennedy,  JFK, Jackie Kennedy, Lisl Steiner,  Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong,  Nat King Cole, Miles Davis,   Duke Ellington,  Martin Luther King, Henry Kissinger, Andy Warhol and Edie Sedgewick.. See video for more, including the  CHILDREN OF THE AMERICAS series

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